3 Layer Adjustable Fountain Nozzle

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3 Layer Adjustable Fountain Nozzle In BANGLADESH

The 3-layer Adjustable Fountain Nozzle plays a very important role in bringing design to your favorite pool fountain water flow. The nozzles are attached to the fountain pump to give an astonishing display of the pool water. Water fountain nozzles are usually made of copper and stainless material, but it is better to choose a stainless steel fountain nozzle because staying in the outside air for a long time usually changes its surface color.

You must be looking for a good deal for a Swimming pool fountain nozzle. QR Bangladesh swimming store provides the best water fountain nozzles to suit you. You can get good quality and top-brand water fountain nozzles from us at comparatively affordable prices.  For any commercial, decorative, and residential purpose get a fountain nozzle of your choice from our wide range of collections.  

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We Provide

Water fountain nozzles create a variety of water flows in your pool, including common traditional flow, white water, laminar flow, and film jet. The best water fountain nozzles we provide are as follows:

3 Layer Adjustable Fountain Nozzle

You can choose the Cascade fountain nozzle as your swimming pool fountain nozzle because it can be a unique addition to your fountain. This small to large injector offers oxygen enrichment generating a lively full water pattern. The cascade injector effect mixes water and air very deeply which creates highly impressive water flow.

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where we explore the fascinating world of fountain nozzles. In this article, we dive into the subject of fountain nozzles, exploring their function, types, and the creative possibilities they offer. Whether you are a professional designer or a homeowner with a keen interest in water features, fountain nozzles are a key component in creating captivating and dynamic water displays.

Chapter 1: The Function of Fountain Nozzles

Fountain nozzles play a crucial role in the functioning of a fountain. They determine the shape, height, and pattern of the water jets, as well as the overall visual impact of the fountain. We explore how fountain nozzles work, discussing the physics behind water flow, pressure, and nozzle design. Understanding the mechanics of fountain nozzles helps us appreciate their significance in achieving the desired water effects.

Chapter 2: Types of Fountain Nozzles

Fountain nozzles come in various types, each offering unique water effects. We delve into the different categories of fountain nozzles, including spray nozzles, jet nozzles, foam nozzles, and laminar flow nozzles. We explore their characteristics, such as the specific shapes and patterns they create, and discuss the considerations for choosing the right nozzle for different fountain designs.

Chapter 3: Creative Possibilities

The creative possibilities are endless with a range of fountain nozzles at your disposal. We showcase how different nozzle types can be combined to create captivating water displays, from graceful arches and cascading curtains to dancing water jets and intricate patterns. We also discuss the use of lighting, color, and music synchronization to enhance the visual impact of the water effects, creating a multisensory experience for viewers.

Chapter 4: Factors to Consider

When selecting fountain nozzles for your project, several factors must be considered. We discuss important considerations such as the size and shape of the fountain basin, water supply capacity, and budget. We also explore the maintenance requirements of different nozzle types and provide tips on proper cleaning and care.

Chapter 5: Installation and Maintenance

Installing and maintaining fountain nozzles requires attention to detail and regular upkeep. We guide you through the installation process, discussing the proper placement of nozzles, and plumbing connections, and ensuring sufficient water flow and pressure. We also guide routine maintenance, such as removing debris, adjusting nozzle positions, and checking for any blockages or leaks.


In conclusion, fountain nozzles are essential elements in creating captivating water displays. By understanding the function, types, and creative possibilities of fountain nozzles, you can unlock your creativity and design stunning water features that captivate and inspire. Whether you are designing a large-scale public fountain or a smaller residential fountain, the wide range of fountain nozzles available allows you to create unique and engaging water effects.

Visit our website to explore our selection of high-quality fountain nozzles, designed to meet the diverse needs of designers and homeowners alike. With the right fountain nozzles, you can transform any space into a mesmerizing oasis of water and bring your water design visions to life.

Firework Fountain Head Nozzles

Its small to medium-sized nozzles provide interesting cluster water patterns. This fountain nozzle creates a clear water flow in the water and a unique firework effect that is stable even in the air. This can be great for your large pool.

Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle

The Stainless Steel Fountain Nozzle comes in the form of white water bubbles in the swimming pool. The combination of water and air creates a nice, spectacular look by adding white water-like bubbles vertically to the top in the landscape effect. If you are looking for small fountain nozzles then this might be best for you.

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PVC Spray Nozzles

Looking for some lower-cost options for your Swimming pool fountain nozzle? Choose PVC spray nozzles that create attractive white water columns and easily match your budget. Two rocket and two umbrella spray patterns show excellent water flow in the pool regardless of the water level. PVC fountain nozzles always come at an affordable price to choose for your pool fountain. 

3 Layer Adjustable Fountain Nozzle

To make an excellent spray of fountain water, a hollow jet fountain nozzle is the best option. This nozzle requires less water capacity than visual results. The interior is made of stainless steel and is capable of creating highly visible and stable water flows. It is incomparable to create a lively water effect.

In addition to these, we have a collection of a wide range of water fountain nozzles that will fascinate you. Take a look. Smooth bores, Big smoothbores, Cascade jet, Geyser jet, Foam jet, Fizz jets, Aerating jets, Fans, Morning glory, Water bells nozzles, and so on.

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Each of our fountain nozzles has different excellent features. However, we do not display it in front of our customers until the quality is confirmed. Find out your favorite fountain nozzle price on our website. Feel free to contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for on our website.

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  • Inlet Size: 1.5” (DN40)
  • Jet height: 1.5M, Covering Diameter: 1.2M
  • Operating pressure: 80-100KPa, Water-jet Volume: 20-25 m³/h
  • The sphere is made of copper or made of stainless steel




Produces a beautiful finger-like water pattern for your fountain.

  • Material: Brass
  • Inlet Size: 25mm
  • Working pressure(KPA): 50-150
  • Display Height: 2-3M
  • Adjustable fingertips to direct steam of water

    Finger jet produces a delicate, arching spray pattern using precision clear stream jets. Combined with a main swivel connection permits a wide range of spray patterns and angles. Due to the low noise and splash reduction, finger jets are ideal for use in courtyard or entryway pools designed for close-range viewing distance. Finger jet nozzles are water-level independent and can be located in dry areas.


10mm Adjustable Straight Flow Nozzle

Connection: 10mm
Pressure: 50-150 Kpa
Capacity: 0.1-1.0 m3/h
Height: 1m-3m
Coverage: radial

Adjustable Straight Flow Fountain Nozzles are the most popular nozzles in fountain projects. They could produce a full stream, glass clear and flowing single jet. The incline of installing the adjustable nozzles could create interesting water effects. Many water jets grouped could create many kinds of water patterns. Single jet nozzles are simple structures and are widely used. There are fixed and universal adjustable types.