Fountain System Controller Box

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 The fountain system controller box provides the benefits of the control system of your swimming pool fountain and the functioning system of its programming panels. The fountain system controller box works automatically which allows you to control many functions of the swimming pool from the comfort of your home. electrical control panels perform important functions such as turning on and off your pool fountain pump at the right time, controlling the temperature of the pool heater, or turning on and off the fountain lights.

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Fountain System Controller Box

 QR swimming pool manufacturer guarantees you a quality fountain control box. fountain control box price in Bangladesh Search on our website.

Your fountain system controller box allows you to control pool features from any position. Therefore, it is important to choose the right swimming pool control panel equipment, and of course, find it affordable. Let us give you an idea of some of the fountain boxes we provide.

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Electrical Fountain System Controller Box

Swimming pool electrical control panels provide you with the necessary electrical equipment so that you can easily install and use them. In the electric control box, you will find the complete system controlling the pool fountain. Swimming pool electrical control panels include a safety breaker switch, battery backup automatic timer switch, safety fuse unit, magnetic and relay control, and easy connection & label for equipment.

There are also switches and face lights for on/off / auto for pumps, on/off / auto for lights, power light, running light, overload warning, and pump start and stop pushbuttons.

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We Provide Everything You Need

We provide swimming pool electrical control panels with the required features. CONTROL BOX FOR CONTROL AND UNDERWATER LIGHT, CONTROL BOX WITH PROTECTION FOR 1 UNDERWATER LIGHT, CONTROL BOX WITH OVERLOAD PROTECTION, and so on. These fountain control boxes have screws and stoppers for wall installation and glands for each cable input and output. These boxes with CE certification should be selected with a filtration pump nominal current.

If you are not sure which fountain system controller box is best for you, take a look at our options. That should be sufficient enough to make your decision. 

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