Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming Pool Maintenance

The swimming pool is a big investment and a huge construction so you Should always need to research the selection process of the right swimming pool. You can read the described tips So that these tips help you to choose the right swimming pool for your outdoor & indoor space or backyard area.

Before start, your pool contractor how much maintenance cost is required. l. Some materials like; Tiles, these purchase costs are so high, but their Swimming Pool maintenance cost is low. Some other materials like fiberglass Tiles and their purchase cost are less, but you have to spend more on its maintenance, repairing, & cleaning. So before Start Must talk to your contractor about the cost of your Swimming pool.

You have to maintain a Swimming pool weekly during use. This includes adjusting chemical levels, cleaning it, repairing anything that breaks, and maintaining the filters and pumps, and The pool Company might charge you 2000-4000tk a week For a standard-size Pool. It takes about 1-2 Hours of your time to thoroughly go through the motions.

  1. Proper Filtration
  2. pH Level
  3. Using of Chlorine
  4. Using of Algaecide & Water Clarifier

You Need pumped your Pool Water through a filter And mixed Chlorine with Pool Water Properly

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