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Waterproof Light

Underwater lights are very popular to give a great look to the swimming pool. These are usually waterproof and are used to attract people’s attention. We provide the best quality waterproof swimming pool light that most of our customers use and like. We supply swimming pool waterproof lights across the country and there is a huge demand for it in the market.

We are importing premium quality underwater lights which are sold at highly competitive prices. The waterproof swimming pool light is easy to install and you can enjoy its service for a long time which is really commendable. We sell many types of waterproof light from which it is very easy to choose which one you want.

Waterproof Swimming Pool Lights We Provide

Stainless Steel LED Lights

This stainless steel LED light comes with the main supply cable and a high-temperature soft cable to secure your connection. These are available in electron polish finishes as needed. Very suitable for a swimming pool and fountain equipment. Led waterproof pool lights are installed underwater at an angle of 120 degrees.

LED Waterproof Pool Lights

LED lights are very popular as a high brightness light in your swimming pool which consumes less energy with high light and is able to change 16 colors. These lights offer longer lifespans of up to 100,000 hours and are used in swimming pools, public squares, and fountains.

Underwater Halogen Light

Halogen swimming pool waterproof light provides high brightness for all concrete pools and spas. This is best for long service. Very easy to install and maintain. It is manufactured using corrosion-resistant and high-temperature-resistant material. This can be the best Waterproof light for your pool.


Stainless Steel Halogen Lights

Stainless steel halogen light comes with the world’s most advanced features that perform multiple functions. Combines multiple functions of vacuum cleaning, filter filtration, disinfection, illumination, and 24-hour automatic control. Most pool owners prefer it for its versatile use.

Pool LED Light

As one of the leading swimming pool manufacturers in Bangladesh, we provide the best quality waterproof light for the swimming pool. LED waterproof pool lights are one of them. High-grade raw materials are used in the lights made by experts and professionals. Our buyers have a lot of demand for this waterproof light which is sold at competitive rates.

Pool Wall Mount Stainless Steel Light

Wall mount stainless steel light waterproof swimming pool light that is very easy to install. These wall mount lights are placed in a stainless steel housing with a face ring and no make-up panel is required for installation. This swimming pool waterproof light is very popular among our customers.

Swimming Pool Lighting Fixture

Swimming pool lighting fixtures are made using the latest technology so these are undoubtedly high quality. Use our Austin brand swimming pool waterproof light, it is highly energy efficient. This light is 100% waterproof which will continue to work properly even if the front glass is broken.

Plastic Underwater LED Light

Plastic underwater LED lights are manufactured using high-temperature and corrosion-resistant material. These are best for liners, fiberglass, and concrete pools. Waterproof led strip lights for the swimming pool are very easy to install.


There are also some of the best types of water proof lights that have been satisfying our customers. Our led waterproof pool lights will give you the best experience. Contact us to try now.

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