Swimming Pool Lights

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Swimming Pool Underwater Lights

Are you searching for the best light and power supply for your swimming pool? You are in the right place.

The lighting inside the pool is used to decorate and make your swimming pool look so nice at night. These pool lights are available in different models, materials, shapes which help to enhance the beauty of your swimming pool. QR pool construction company provides quality light and power supply equipment for your pool. The swimming pool power supply price in Bangladesh is within our reach which is available to us.

Swimming Pool Power Supply

The list of best-swimming pool power supplies in Bangladesh has many swimming pool power supplies which are of very good quality. The power supplies that we provide are rich in high-grade protection, unique design, good quality, durable & safe, easy to install, and wide application. 

Best Swimming Pool Light in Bangladesh

 We are the best swimming pool power supply in Bangladesh, easily installed by a fast battery-powered light without electrical work. 

Learn about the top swimming pool power supply in Bangladesh that we provide.

Wall Mount Stainless Steel Light

Wall Mount Stainless Steel Light is easy to install with a 2 cm hole in the wall panel. These lights are of waterproof standard and are installed without any make-up panel. The swimming pool power supply price in BD in QR Bangladesh pool constructor is very reasonable. Cool White Wall Mount Stainless Steel Lights are suitable for use outside the pool.

Waterproof LED Light

It is used in swimming pools, public squares, and fountains. 

Stainless Steel LED Lights

As the best swimming pool light in Bangladesh Stainless Steel LED Lights is one of them. 

Stainless Steel Underwater LED Light

This Austin brand swimming pool light comes in Cool White color. These are 100% waterproof, splash-proof, anti-collision, and dust-proof. You can add these lights to your boat for night activities like swimming, fishing, etc. 

Plastic Underwater LED Light

 These lights are suitable for liners, fiberglass, and concrete pools. 

In addition to the above types we have the best types of amazing swimming pool lights such as Waterproof Fountain Light, Dolphin Stainless Steel SMD (LED) Light, Swimming Pool SS Light, LED Swimming Pool Light, Swimming Pool Underwater Light, LED Fountain Light, Swimming Pool Lights, Pool Halogen Light, Pool LED Light, Stainless Steel Halogen Lights, Fountain Light, Underwater Fountain Light, Swimming Pool Light Junction Box, LED Pool Lighting Fixture and so more. 

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-7 SINGLE COLORS + 3 CHANGING MODES + REMOTE: The swimming pool light has multiple combinations of 7 colors. Easy to control by 24 key IR remote control within 10M distance. Swimming Pool Lights underwater will bring more romance and color to your night in your swimming pool.

P68 WATERPROOF PROTECTION: You can use it for a long time because of the completely sealed design, The pool light owns corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance.