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Swimming Pool Glass Tiles Supplier Company Bangladesh

If you are lucky enough to get a swimming pool then you will definitely want to see it at its best. This stylish selection of pool tiles is very important to give your pool a proper finishing touch. As a swimming pool manufacturer and tiles company, we are justifiably proud of our collection of tiles. We have all the swimming pool tiles in Bangladesh. Our collection of tiles includes timeless ceramic mixes and plain glass mosaics where you need some budget. Yet when you want the extra touch of luxury you have to choose the best.

Our tiles are available in different colors and designs which are highly acceptable to the swimming pool owner and architect. Glass, Mosaic, Porcelain, Ceramic, and more pool tiles.

Swimming Pool Glass Tiles Swimming Pool Glass Tiles



Glass Tiles

Glass tiles under the water line can be used to create a beautiful mosaic design. The mosaic pattern can be on the bottom, on the wall, or on either side of the pool. The flexible nature of glass makes them a great material for underwater use. Use smaller-sized around the rim of your swimming pool when you install glass tiles. Smaller tiles need more grout, but an extra amount of grout will help prevent any slips on smooth, wet tiles.


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Ceramic Tiles

Glossy ceramic tiles are a great element to add a decorative look to your swimming pool. These tiles work best on vertical surfaces. Be sure to stick to the glossy tiles as the cracked glaze will allow moisture in the tiles’ components. This will create stains on the tiles which are almost impossible to remove. Green glass ceramic tiles can also become colorless by chlorine in water, so they should be avoided in your pool design. Find out the price of our pool tiles.


Glass Tiles


  • Eye-catching looks
  • Impermeable to water
  • Non-slippery
  • Stain resistant

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