Hayward Cartridge Filter

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Hayward Star Clear Plus Cartridge Filter

filtre à cartouche hayward

Hayward Cartridge Filter


  1. composition d'un filtre à cartouche haywardButterfly closure handle for easy cover of filter body.
  2. Cover for easy access to the cartridge. It allows to position the pressure gauge and the drain plug at your convenience.
  3. Filter element made of reinforced polyester: high quality for optimal longevity and easy cleaning.
  4. Filter body: made of  Glass XL to guarantee a perfect resistance to corrosion.
  5. Central strainer with a grid structure, it guarantees an optimal passage of water and an excellent rigidity.
  6. Base: non-corrosion support ensuring perfect stability of the filter.


filtre à cartouche hayward, nettoyage facile


Hayward cartridges are made of high quality materials, great durability with a minimal maintenance.


Hayward Cartridge Filter

Product Description

We work to please our valuable customers with our excellent quality product range. Our Hayward Cartridge  Filter is perfect in dimension and flawlessly finished. Our offered range of products including Emaux Swimming Pool Sand Filter is obtained after the use of superior quality raw material processed in high advanced manufacturing machines. We have given extra fine finishing to our final product range to attain maximum satisfaction of our clients.

What We Have?

Consider first how much your filter can benefit you. We have the best options. QR Bangladesh Swimming Pool construction company provides the best equipment to maintain the quality of the swimming pool.

Pool water sand filter introduce

Pool water filter is filter system of whole swimming, it very important for swimming pool.

This model sand filter’s main material is Fiber glass, top mount, side mount, and flames type sand filter 3-way valve has 1.5 inches and 2 inches. Work pressure can reach 2.5 bar.
Fiberglass tip mount side sand filter lifetime can reach 10 years.

Pool sand filter diameter has 400mm – 1200mm.

The winding of fiberglass around the filter body makes the filter more durable,
deforming-proof, and resistant to chemicals and corrosives. Uniquely designed distribution makes a stable and even water flow to improve the drainage system. All sand filters with pressure gauge. Easy to install, maintenance-free.

1). It is made of fiberglass and high-density polyethylene and is designed for
most domestic swimming pools or SPA pools.

2). Valve is designed to allow 360-degree rotation to simplify installation.

3). Easy-to-use water drain plug and multi-port valve lets you select any of the valves/filter operations

Ideal for:
1)  Hotels
2)  Motels
3)  Clubs
4)  Condos
5)  Apartments
6)  Homes