Swimming Pool Sand Filter

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Swimming Pool Sand Filter


QR Bangladesh Swimming Pool construction company provides the best swimming pool filter in Bangladesh to keep your pool clean. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality swimming pool filters in bd. If you want to have the best swimming pool filter, please feel free to contact us.

Choosing the right filter for your swimming pool is not always easy. However, before buying a pool filter, it is good to know all the details so you can buy the best filter. Buy a filter after research so you get the right one.

The exact filter size depends on the size of the pool. To maintain good water clarity, you must provide a pump every day so that all pool water circulates. Choose a filter that circulates pool water for at least 10 hours. We recommend the best swimming pool filter bd because we recommend choosing a larger size. A larger filter will help keep the water clean. We have a collection of top swimming pool filters that will help you choose.


Our Top Picks of Swimming Pool Filter

Not sure where to start when buying a pool filter? No worries. We use the research criteria to determine which is best for your needs. Know our research criteria of swimming pool filter in Bangladesh.

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Filter Materials

The primary function of your favorite swimming pool water purification filters. You need to know how it works. When the pump leaves, it circulates the water through the pool filter and cleans it with various media. However, the best swimming pool filter bd uses one of three filtration methods: sand, DE, or cartridge.

Sand Filters

For many pool owners, sand filters offer an effective way to achieve a glittering clean pool. Sand filters require relatively low maintenance while keeping your pool looking its best.

Sand Filters provide an amazing way and experience for most pool owners. Get now a great pool filter bd. No need to be messy – and maintenance is virtually zero. However, most units require hundreds of pounds of sand, which you cannot buy online.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

To know about the pool filter price, you need to think about the best filters first. DE pool filters best swimming pool filter bd. They contain silica. It is much easier to filter microscopic-sized stuff from pool water. The specialty of DE pool filters is that they take up less space than alternative types. As the best swimming pool construction company in Bangladesh, we give you the top filter.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters use the same technology in air filters and incorporate materials into the cartridge unit as polyester fibers. You can use it more than once after washing the ingredients well. Filters water particles and debris very finely.

What We Have?

Consider first how much your filter can benefit you. We have the best options. The swimming filter price in bd is within your reach now so it doesn’t matter to buy for your pool. Of the 3 types of filters, you can purchase one of your choices just as you want. QR Bangladesh Swimming Pool construction company provides the best equipment to maintain the quality of the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Sand Filter introduce

Pool water filter is filter system of whole swimming, it very important for swimming pool. Filter inside can load activated carbon and sand, then pool water inside filter pass activate carbon and sand can clean water dirty thing.

This model sand filter’s main material is Fiber glass, top mount, side mount, and flames type sand filter 3-way valve has 1.5 inches and 2 inches. Work pressure can reach 2.5 bar.
Fiberglass tip mount side sand filter lifetime can reach 10 years.

Pool sand filter diameter has 400mm – 1200mm.

The winding of fiberglass around the filter body makes the filter more durable,
deforming-proof, and resistant to chemicals and corrosives. Uniquely designed distribution makes a stable and even water flow to improve the drainage system. All sand filters with pressure gauge. Easy to install, maintenance-free.

1). It is made of fiberglass and high-density polyethylene and is designed for
most domestic swimming pools or SPA pools.

2). Valve is designed to allow 360-degree rotation to simplify installation.

3). Easy-to-use water drain plug and multi-port valve lets you select any of the valves/filter operations

Ideal for:
1)  Hotels
2)  Motels
3)  Clubs
4)  Condos
5)  Apartments
6)  Homes

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