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A fountain valve is very important for your pool or fountain to control the flow of water properly. Surely you know how important circulation is to keep your pool water clean and fit for swimming. If the pool water does not move, it will never reach the filter where all types of dirt are removed. To properly manage the flow of water in your pool fountain, you need to understand the different types of swimming pool valves. Also, know how to use them properly at the right times. The fountain valve controls the flow of water not only inside and outside the pool but also inside and outside the swimming pool equipment.


Water valves ensure that pool water is moving in the right direction, but why and how it moves depends on the type of fountain valve. As one of the top swimming pool companies in the country, QR Bangladesh swimming pool store provides all the best accessories for your pool. We have the best collection of swimming pool valves that suit your choice and budget. 


Let’s find out what kind of water fountain valve we provide.

Best Types of  Fountain Valves

You will find 4 types of swimming pool valves that maintain proper water flow.

Multiport Fountain Valve

A multiport valve lets you clean water through filters and helps clean waste from water. This is the best option if you want to clear everything and empty your pool. It has winter settings that prevent water from entering the line which it can cause damage. Know your favorite swimming pool fountain valve price now.

Diverter Valves

Diverter pool valves accurately determine the depth of the pool and indicate the flow of water from one part of the pool to the other. There are 2 types of diverter valves available for you: 2-way valves and 3-way valves. This diverter valve, operated by just one handle, controls the flow of water from any one port which is able to partially stop or completely turn the water flow on or off.


The 3-way valves have a port at each end and in the middle that allows partial or complete water flow to be turned on or off completely. Which is also controlled by a handle turned 180 degrees.


Check Valves

Check swimming pool valves to prevent water from flowing behind when the pump is turned off. This is one of the main features of the check pool valve. It is suitable and important enough for numerous situations and different tools. Get our check valves at the best prices and features.


To prevent this a check fountain valve must be installed between the chlorinator and the pieces of its previous equipment.

Valve Actuators

Install valve actuators on top of the diverter valve instead of manually turning the diverter valve handles to control the flow of water in your pool fountain. As a result, if you want to redirect the flow of water for any reason, just press a button, and it automatically moves the valve handle.

Get Yours Now!

Control the flow of water in your pool or fountain with the help of a good fountain valve. Each of our water fountain valves suits your needs and budget. We offer top-brand swimming pool valves which come with some nice features. Your selected swimming pool fountain valve price in Bangladesh is now affordable.