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When talking about sauna, a sauna stone will have a big impact on your experience because it is an integral part of the sauna. The finish of the stone keeps it warm and temperature stable which allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the sauna. To make the swimming pool more enjoyable, you must look for quality swimming pool accessories. QR Bangladesh swimming pool store ensures you get the best sauna stone in Bangladesh. 

You will find many sauna stones in nature, but not all of them are suitable for sauna use. There are also many options in the market from where you can choose the top sauna stone in Bangladesh. Don’t think that it is valuable because of the huge power of the stone, in the case of a sauna its therapeutic properties are subtly reviewed.

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We Have Top Sauna Stone in Bangladesh

You may need a heater stone when you are building a new sauna or you may need to replace the old stones. Whatever the reason, you need a quality stone. We’ve listed the best options to make your choice easier. Check out our collections and choose yours now.

We suggest and provide some stones for your sauna such as jadeite, soapstone, raspberry quartzite, white quartzite, ceramic stones, olivine diabase.


Jadeite being a semiprecious stone as its physical and therapeutic feature is perfect for the sauna. This stone is strong enough and free of sharp corners. Jadeite is a sauna stone that gives a simple, gentle and small steam. Stone has some very nice features that will easily attract you. The stone does not react with acids, the environment cleans the air and the stone emits silicic acid which is very clean and carries a lot of essential minerals for humans.

We all know the reason for using a sauna room, so it is clear to us what features sauna stones should bring. Jadeite stone has healing properties as it normalizes arterial blood pressure, strengthens the nervous system, improves blood circulation, softens blood vessel walls, strengthens kidney and urinary tract function, and much more.

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These sauna stones are made up of hard and soft minerals which are best for treatment. Soapstone stone is resistant to high temperatures and has excellent thermal conductivity. The steam emitted from this stone is very similar to jadeite sauna stone, so you can understand what other best features it brings. This stone price may seem affordable to you although good quality.

Raspberry quartzite 

When looking for the best option for a sauna room raspberry quartzite stone comes as the solution for you. It is the most durable sauna due to its physical and mechanical properties, which is used for all types of baths and showers. This creates gentle steam in the sauna. Raspberry quartzite has long received reviews from customers because it controls blood pressure and provides smooth relief from back pain.

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Sauna Stone for Sale

We’ve discussed some of the best options, but we have some more suggestions. We recommend changing the sauna stones once a year. If your sauna is being built for commercial purposes, the stones should be monitored regularly. There is no need to throw away all the stones, just change or clean the ones that are carrying the defects, but notice if they are eroded. If all goes well, put it back on the heater.

We have every sauna stone for sale of your choice. Find out just in seconds. If not, contact us now.

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