Swimming pool PVC pipe fittings

Swimming pool PVC pipe fittings

QR Bangladesh swimming pool store provides a wide range of swimming pool PVC pipe fittings in Bangladesh. Here you will find everything you need for your pool. To plumb a swimming pool, you need to know the details if you do not know yet. Our professionals will advise you on every issue. Swimming pool pipe fittings you will find the best means that are unique as flexible pipe fittings.

Choose the best fitting for swimming pool plumbing from our collection as we have been providing all the equipment of the swimming pool with utmost reputation. If you can’t find one on our list, don’t hesitate to let us know. So let’s know what we actually provide.

The Options We Provide

 PVC Pipe Fittings:

PVC pipe fittings are best for swimming pool plumbing as well as pool piping. Swimming pool PVC pipe fittings are mostly made to make schedule 40 or schedule 80. Many swimming pool installers prefer schedule 80 PVC pipe. We offer you the most preferred options of PVC fitting.

Flexible PVC Pipe Fittings

Flexible swimming pool pvc pipe fittings are more flexible and easier to install than rigid PVC. It has many other benefits such as it is very effective in managing icy temperatures. Also prevents ground movement in the right way. You can get the best flexible fittings as swimming pool plastic pipe fittings from us at very affordable prices.

Our swimming pool  pipe fittings products are: 

  • Union Tank Fitting
  • PVC Connector glued Grey
  • PVC T-piece Grey Glued
  • PVC Elbow 45 deg glued Grey
  • PVC ELBOW 90 deg grey glued 
  • PVC Cross connector grey glued and so on.

Most Used Options Are:

Earlier copper fittings were very popular with pool owners but over the years the demand for swimming pool plastic pipe fittings has increased a lot. Almost all pool installers use rigid PVC or flex PVC in modern plumbing systems that we also recommend. However, flex swimming pool pvc pipe fittings are most in demand because they are very easy to install where there are some difficulties in using rigid PVC. Contact us now to get swimming pool pipe fittings in Bangladesh.

Swimming Pool Plumbing Tips

For swimming pool plumbing you need to know well about it because your pool is your resource. Let’s find out the best pool plumbing tips.

  • The adhesive PVC fittings need to be cleaned and dried to strengthen the bonding
  • With sandpaper or cloth remove burrs from cut PVC pipe
  • Fit all the dry pieces together to be sure of the measurements
  • PVC fittings are allowed to be glued at least 15 minutes before operating the pump
  • Put a rag to remove the glue drips

Also, if you want to know more, ask now!

Why Choose Us?

Your swimming pool is a big investment in your home, but it’s not just about looking at the surface of the pool or swimming in the pool, you also need to know its underwater activities. Lack of proper maintenance and equipment may damage your pool. Choosing the right swimming pool fountain equipment and pipe fittings can cause headaches. Search for the best swimming pool pipe fittings in Bangladesh for pool plumbing and find out our options. Of course, your choice is reserved for us.

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