Swimming pool filtration system

How Swimming pool filtration system works

Swimming pool filtration system

Swimming pool filtration system

The swimming pool pump pulls the water from the skimmer and also the main drain of the pool And After the water is filtered,

Then The clean water returns to the pool through the water inlet on the pool.

Skimmer and Main Drain

A skimmer is situated at the top of the pool wall and The water level should generally be about halfway to two-thirds up the skimmer.

The main drain is situated at the bottom of the pool.

Pool PumpEmaux Pump

The pump is the most important thing for the water filtration System Of the Swimming Pool. inside the pump, A spinning impeller pulls the water in from the pool.

the impeller pushes the water into the filter After the water goes again into the pool through the water inlet.

The Pool Filter
water Filter

There are three types of pool filters:

1.Sand filter
2.Cartridge filter
3.Diatomaceous earth (D.E.) filter

A cartridge filter uses a cartridge. Some of these filters only need a single cartridge; Some others multiple.
A sand filter is a tank full of sand.

Pool Water that is dirty comes through the Water outlet/ main drain pipe or skimmer to the filter and is distributed within the tank. The pressure of the motor pump is at work as the dirty water moves through the media filtering out any dirt, algae, bacteria, and debris, as well as some larger minerals. Metals and microorganisms also are removed by filtration.

Filtering time

Residential pools have no such Time Limit but it is suggested that residential pools “turn over” at least one or two times per day. the pool should have been designed with the ability to turn over multiple times per day. Skimmers should be checked regularly, leaves should be removed to make the system run more efficiently.

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