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Swimming Pool Water Bowl

A swimming pool water bowl adds more elegance to the great sound of water flowing in your pool. QR Bangladesh swimming pool store is a leading manufacturer providing the best quality pool equipment. Add an appeal to your favorite pool with our quality swimming pool fire and water bowls. When it comes to choosing a swimming pool water bowl there are many options in the market. You will find swimming pool water feature bowls made of stone, concrete, fiberglass and various materials, but you have to choose which one you want. So take a look at which one will perfectly work for you and what we are offering.

Hardstone Bowls

Our hardstone bowls are made of concrete by mixing different fibers which gives it long life and works great in different weather conditions. Most of our customers like these bowls because of their quality and beautiful design. Swimming pool fire and water bowls help to tie many colors together in your swimming pool project.

Copper Bowls

We offer copper bowls for the swimming pool which have no limitations in beauty. Gives a natural look by creating stunning looks in your pool and fountain. These versatile bowls work equally well for pools and fountains. Copper bowls are our customers’ favorite because they are easy to care for and last a long time. Copper swimming pool fire and water bowls are a little more expensive than hardstone options because they can give you a completely luxurious feel. You need to take proper care of the swimming pool water bowl that you use. You need to use the right cleaner to clean the copper bowls.

Swimming Pool Fire and Water Bowls

Swimming pool fire and water bowls transform your pool in an incredible way. We supply different types of bowls from the best manufacturers. You will get the fire and water bowls for pools you just want to find a little in our list. In the case of swimming pool fire and water bowls, we also provide products made of concrete, copper, or stainless steel. Copper and stainless steel swimming pool fire and water bowls need to be cleaned periodically because patina can be seen in these over time. There are some home remedies for this or you can use a specific cleaner.


Stainless steel fire and water bowls can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth, mild water and a few drops of soap. Rinse and dry in the air and wipe with a clean cloth a second time. Use a good quality stainless steel cleaner for the exterior.

How to Take Swimming pool fire and water bowls Features

Since most of the features of water are outside, occasional evaporation is seen in the water. We recommend using a cover to protect the water bowl pool feature. We have cover options for you. We recommend awarding you a water bowl pool feature every six months. However, if it is close to salt water, it is better to clean it every three months as salinity can create more problems. But the right thing to do is to do it whenever you feel the need to clean it.

Get From Us!

QR swimming pool store has a collection of the best swimming pool fire and water bowls from which you can choose your favorite swimming pool water bowl at an affordable price. You will also find Pool Water Bowls with lights. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask.