Fountain System Box


QR swimming store has been providing water fountain equipment for several years from top brands. We have a long experience in developing and providing accessories for fountains. Choose your fountain system box from our top collections. The swimming pool fountain system box has almost everything to control all the functions of your swimming pool fountain.

Just sit at home and automatically control your fountain with the help of this system box. It has a screen and some buttons to see how you are controlling it. The fountain system box price will not be too much, but if you want a little more luxury, we recommend buying the price.

Let’s see what functionalities you can control with the system box.

Water show

The impressive water show you see at the swimming pool fountain may not always look the same or you may want to control its speed. With the help of a system box, you can do the work very easily. Control the Fountain system and turn on the music if necessary. 

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Dry Deck Fountains

The Fountain System box is one of the ways to handle dry deck fountains. Dry fountains are designed & made so that children and adults can enjoy the spectacular water change. There is no doubt that it creates a lively environment, but you certainly do not want to manually control the system while enjoying it. Use the Fountain box to make these tasks easier for you.

Fountain Lighting 

Do we just provide you with quality swimming pool lights? No, we do our best to make them easily within your reach. Turn your fountain lights on and off at regular intervals even though you remember your time. There is no need to remember it’s on and off time separately, you just set the time it will get the job done at the right time.

Fountain Heating / Cooling

Sometimes the water in the swimming pool needs to be heated or you want cold water when the weather is very hot. Cool or heat the water as you need with the Fountain box. But before buying, know the swimming pool fountain system box price in Bangladesh. Our equipment is well-suited to customer satisfaction, so you can be sure that you will not be disappointed.

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Fountain Pump Control

The problem with the flow of water in the fountain is that you do not have an automatic system. Control the flow of fountain water as you like. The swimming pool fountain box has some simple rules to control the flow of water that anyone can follow. The swimming pool fountain system box price in Bangladesh is now affordable because we keep in mind the budget of the customer.

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Swimming Pool Fountain System Box Price

A fountain system box comes at different prices features and specifications. However, we recommend that you research these so that you get the system box with features. All things considered, we’ve listed some of the best fountain system boxes for you that will definitely meet your needs.

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