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Are you thinking of making your pool look great? When you spend a lot of money to build a pool, you will want your pool to look much more beautiful. A good and fast way to do this is to add something special to your pool. Add some swimming pool fountain lights because the fountain lights will increase the attractiveness of your pool. Pool decoration equipment is often expensive but QR Bangladesh swimming pool store provides pool accessories at affordable prices. You will get the best quality fountain lights. These change color and float in the pool, scattering water from several jets.

We Have All You Need

Learn about some unique pool fountain lights to see how swimming pool fountain light can enhance the witchery of your swimming pool. Take a look at our best swimming pool lights collections.

Austin LED Fountain Light

We are the leading swimming pool fountain light manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh, producing quality LED fountain lights that meet the needs of your swimming pool. This swimming pool light is perfect for swimming pools and showers. It is easy to install for underwater use.

Floating Pool Fountain Lights

Floating pool fountain lights are one of the best fountain lights. LED lighted pool fountain gives you performance, versatility, and reliability. These are suitable for pools of any size. Our Fountain Lights come with multiple nozzles which are definitely elegant and classy spray patterns. You can manage it in a variety of fountain patterns to suit your pool, weather, and your preferences.

AISITIN Solar Fountain LED Lights

Solar fountain pool fountain lights are Equipped with Led lights and different colors to decorate your pool at night. Its solar panel will charge the backup battery and will work after about 4 hours of sunset. With different fountain Nozzles, you can water spray shapes as you want.

Color Cascade Waterfall Fountain Lights

Another highlight of our collection is this swimming pool light. cascade waterfall swimming pool fountain with led lights will make your evening more cheerful. Its stunning multi-color will give your pool the look you need. Fully powered by a pool pump, this swimming pool light creates a beautiful fountain day or night. No tools are required for installation, you can easily.

Pick Yours Now!

The swimming pool fountain lights we provide will undoubtedly be your choice as we maintain the highest standards. We have presented some of our best swimming pool fountain lights but in addition to these, we have many more that you will like. Ocean Blue Cascade Fountain, Underwater Light Show, and Fountain, Intex Fountain & Solar Disco Lights at Night, Dancing Waters lighted pool fountain and so much more.


As your pool is being built, you can add swimming pool fountain lights to make an extra look. Water from the pool will flow into a small channel, and a pump will recycle through a thin slit in the wall. If the light is added to it then you can’t imagine how much pleasure it will give you. We have received positive feedback from all customers regarding the use of our swimming pool fountain light, so we recommend you to use them.