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Indoor landscaping projects also need beautiful swimming pool dry land fountains to close the atmosphere for landscaping purposes. Our dry fountain accessories are programmed with systems that can control water and light performance, composing several programs and executing them randomly.

A dry fountain is the installation of equipment such as fountain head, LED lamp, fountain pump, cable, pipeline, etc. underground. The surface is widened with various patterns of stone or other covering and the nozzle is covered with grates of different sizes. Let us know about the water fountain accessories parts that we provide. 

Best Swimming Pool Dry Fountain Accessories in Bangladesh

Our dry fountain accessories are high quality which you can understand when using them. We have successfully completed various projects and our customers have been satisfied using these accessories. We are one of the providers of the best swimming pool dry fountain accessories in Bangladesh.


Let’s know what we can provide you. 

Stainless steel wall basket filter

The filter made of AISI 304 stainless steel is used as the first filter in a dry fountain. It has 2 parts and its specific structure is compressed with the wall. This hooked extractable basket allows a simple cleaning in the filtering system.

Basket Filter with Plate

This is one of the essential dry fountain accessories that is attached to the drain plate. The basket is placed under the drawing plate as an alternative to traditional solutions. We offer this for dry fountains with a compensation tank under the fountain which allows instantaneous filtering of the water carried in the compensation tank without any access hatch.

Stainless Steel Box Frame

The Stainless Steel Box Frame for Dry Fountain is very easy to install in the used paving which allows for better finishing.

Stainless Steel Draining Plates

Stainless steel draining plates are used to collect water flowing inside dry springs. Available in several versions, depending on the fountain dimensions and water quantity. It has a wide filtering surface that allows instantaneous reconstitution to drain water. Avoid the accumulation of water and flooding inside the fountain area. The best swimming pool \fountain accessories in Dhaka are ready for you, just contact us.


In addition to these, we are providing all kinds of fountain accessories, here are just a few highlights.

Why Dry Fountain is Best

Dry fountains have many advantages because these fountains do not take up any extra space. When it is not turned on, people can walk freely in the place. It has unique features so that people can get close to it without any hindrance. Due to the use of scientific underground pipelines and line layout, the failure rate of our products is very low.

What Do We Have For You?

However, you will get so many benefits from dry fountains only when good quality accessories. We are the only distributor of top fountain accessories in Bangladesh.  We are also the provider of top fountain accessories in Dhaka. You can check the dry fountain accessories of other stores, you will definitely like us. If you can’t find the pool product you want, feel free to contact us immediately.

About products
The dry fountain is named after the installation form. Different from the normal fountains that are installed on a water pond, Floor Water Fountains are installed underground, with satin and beautiful stone surface, which could have thousands of designs and sculptures on them. When music is playing, beads of water spray from the underground and flutter in the air. Under the light’s irradiation, the ground shines like a mirror, which takes visitors’ breath. When the music stopped, everything returns to its original peace.

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