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The swimming pool equipment is not only the water treatment equipment in the swimming pool but also its helpful facilities. For example, disinfection, cleaning equipment, lighting equipment, constant temperature equipment, and so on.

In addition to pool construction and decoration, pool cleaning is very important if you want to maintain the charm and durability of the pool. Swimming pool cleaning equipment makes your pool maintenance less of a time-consuming task. As one of the swimming pool cleaning equipment suppliers in Bangladesh, Qr swimming pool construction company stocks a great selection of quality pool cleaning equipment and pool cleaning equipment for your pool maintenance. You can get any swimming pool cleaner suitable for your pool.

What do We Provide?

Our customers relied highly on our pool services to keep their pool and spa clean, safe and properly managed. They have found us in the crowd of swimming pool cleaning equipment suppliers to use their pool cleaning tools every time because we are the best in providing swimming pool cleaning accessories as well as construction.

Swimming pool cleaner equipment is also one of the basic configurations of the swimming pool. In addition to basic conventional water treatment equipment and disinfection equipment, a swimming pool needs regular maintenance and cleaning. Swimming pool cleaning equipment can be divided into three types: seven sets of cleaning equipment, cool-based manual pool cleaner, automatic pool cleaner. All these types of swimming pool cleaning accessories are provided to you by Qr Swimming Pool construction company maintaining quality at the best price.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Accessories

As a professional manufacturer, we make every swimming pool cleaner equipment based on the best pool care. Our tools remove algae from debris and discoloration from walls. Let us know about some of the swimming pool cleaning accessories in Bangladesh we provide so that you can choose the one for your pool.

Pool Brushes

Pool brushes come in different shapes for different purposes. This swimming pool cleaner in Bangladesh allows you to thoroughly clean corners or small spaces just by hand. These brushes are very safe because they are made with nylon bristles or poly bristles that do not damage your pool.

Leaf Rakes

Another essential swimming pool cleaner equipment is the leaf rake which removes unwanted objects such as leaves and debris from the water. Our swimming pool cleaner has special features. Leaf Rakes have binoculars attached to a pole and a net that is used to gain access to the valleys. Although it is a common swimming pool cleaning equipment, leaf rake can be called the best inground pool cleaner because it is very effective.

Pool Skimmers and Baskets

Pool skimmers and baskets are designed to keep the pool’s circulation and filtration system running. Surface water flows into skimmers and baskets and traps all debris in the water. Choose the best skimmer for proper pool design. Good swimming pool cleaning equipment suppliers will provide you the right quality swimming pool skimmers and baskets. We are undoubtedly one of them.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pool vacuums act as powerful swimming pool cleaning equipment. These automatic pool cleaners are one of the best swimming pool cleaning accessories because they allow water and sediments to flow out of the bottom of the pool. The heads of vacuums are very flexible, so allow them to be thoroughly cleaned. Suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, robotic cleaners are also included in automated cleaners. Automatic swimming pool cleaning equipment completes work faster and with less effort than manual.

Why Is Our Swimming Pool Cleaning Accessories Best?

Qr Bangladesh swimming pool store provides the best swimming pool cleaning accessories, so you can assume that your worries about swimming pool cleaning accessories are over. As one of the best swimming pool cleaning equipment suppliers in Bangladesh, we recommend and supply you to use a good quality swimming pool cleaner. We provide the best swimming pool cleaning accessories in Bangladesh thinking about its safety as well as building your pool.


  • Durable to last for years with an aluminum back ,hardened plastic frame and stainless steel bristles
  • 18 inch wide brushing that can cover larger area and help finish the cleaning quickly
  • Premium design and durable material makes the brush good quality to clean the most stubborn algae buildup quickly and easily
  • Curved edges helps clean the long coner most easily
  • Gentle enough to use for regular pool cleaning