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QR Bangladesh Swimming Pool Store is one of the leading swimming pool construction companies in the country which has been working in this field for a long time as a swimming pool builder, swimming pool maintenance, and supplier of all its types of equipment. Chlorine is one of the most important pieces used for the maintenance of your swimming pool.


Chlorine is the chemical most often used to keep swimming pools and Jacuzzis free of microorganisms that can be risky to humans.

Chlorine kills bacteria through a reasonably simple chemical response. each kills microorganisms and bacteria with the aid of attacking the lipids within the cell walls and destroying the enzymes and structures inside the cellular, rendering them oxidized and innocent. The difference between HOCl and OCl- is the rate at which they oxidize. Hypochlorous acid is able to oxidize the organisms in several seconds, even as the hypochlorite ion can also take 30 minutes.

The levels of OCl and HOCl- vary with the pool’s pH level. If the pH is simply too excessive, no longer enough HOCl is present and pool cleansing can take a good deal longer than regular. ideally, the level of pH inside the pool need to be between 7 and eight; 7.four is right — that is the pH of human tears. as soon as the HOCl and OCl- are done cleaning the pool, they both combine with any other chemical, including ammonia, or are damaged down into unmarried atoms. each of these procedures renders the chlorine innocent. sunlight speeds those techniques up. you need to keep adding chlorine to the pool as it breaks down.

while the micro organism-killing residences of chlorine are very useful, chlorine also has some facet effects that may be worrying to humans, and probably even unsafe. Chlorine has a totally distinctive odor that maximum discover unsightly, and some locate overwhelming. there is additionally the “itch factor” — chlorine can cause sure skin sorts to become itchy and indignant. The hypochlorite ion causes many fabrics to fade quickly when no longer rinsed off at once after exiting the pool. that is why you go well with appears diminished and worn so early inside the summer.

extremely high amounts of chlorine gasoline soaring above your pool may be unsafe on your respiratory. some organizations have developed alternatives to chlorine, consisting of different chemicals and ion turbines. a number of those are proper options, however, they do not achieve the cleanliness, oxidation levels, or low charge that chlorine provides.


Why Do Swimming Pools Need Chlorine?

The most enormous element in pool water protection is its pH stage. The human frame maintains a pH degree of seven.4. The pH of your pool water ought to remain between 7.2 and 7.eight. At the levels of the ones, the water will now not aggravate the pores and skin, eyes, or mucous membranes. this is also the perfect pH for chlorine. If the pH is too excessive, there gained’t be sufficient hypochlorous acid. considering hypochlorous acid is the quick-appearing oxidizer, a pool with a high pH will take a good deal longer to get clean.
After pH, the second one maximum sizeable factor in the protection of your pool water is the loose chlorine degree. Swimming swimming pools need chlorine at the right ranges to live smoothly. The centers for Sick manipulate and Prevention (CDC) recommends a free chlorine stage of 1-3 ppm for a pool and 2-4 ppm for a hot bathtub or spa. You should check your pool a minimum of 2-three times every week to check pH and chlorine ranges, and regulate as important.