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Choosing a dedicated fountain water pump contains a lot of importance and provides multiple benefits including easy installation and low running cost. If you want to choose the best fountain pumps, you have to see many. 

Our top-supplied pumps will surely help you to choose. Having a good pump means you can install it to your liking and hassle-free. The best pump feature is that you can install it anywhere in the pool, from there it will manage your fountain or waterfall. The big advantage of a fountain water pump is that it is much more powerful than a regular pond pump and saves money. When you are thinking of saving money on electricity bills, solar pumps may be the best option where there will be no monthly running costs!

How to Choose the Right Fountain Pump?

There are a number of important things to consider when choosing the right pump because you cannot determine which one is best for you. So you have to choose the right Best Fountain Pumps motor considering the usage rules, installation, and quality. We will give you some ideas so that you can understand what you want for your pool.


Sample calculation:
5 watts less consumption mean 43.8 kWh less annually; you know your current price.

Streaming / Fountain / Filter pump:
In order to prevent an overflow of the pond filter in conjunction with these strong pumps, we recommend using a Y-Adapter. Used as a Bypass, an additional stream can be supplied. You also could use the bypass to operate another clarifier or filter.

The capacity of the pond pump must be necessarily adjusted to the size of the pond filter.

The following information may serve as a guideline:
Koi Pond / Fish Pond:
• 1 cycle per 3 hours
• 2 circulations in 1 hour (without plantings and with a large fish population)

Self-priming submersible drainage pumps with a powerful 230V motor and plunged open impeller with the grid. This water pump is able to pump up to mt.8 depth and works perfectly even in soda water it is suitable for clean waters, even with small suspended solids, for drainage of flowing and collection rain waters, and lifting and distribution in domestic fittings by small and medium-sized tanks.

Best Fountain Pump with Features

Choosing one for your pool can be difficult when there are many options for a  pump, but you can choose the right one considering some of the features. The best pumps we supply are Solatec Solar  Pump, Viajero Solar Powered  Pump, AMYER, Solar Powered  Pump, COSSCCI Solar Fountain Water Pump, Jebao Submersible Fountain Pond Water Pump, Homasy Submersible Ultra Quiet Fountain Water Pump, Tiger Submersible  Pump KEDSUM Ultra Quiet Submersible  Pump and so much more. 

If you are worried about the pump price in Bangladesh then your worries are over because you can get each at QR swimming pool store at an affordable price. Our pumps are of the best quality and suitable for long-lasting power retention. They are very easy to maintain, and they will last longer as long as you maintain them.

If you want to know more information: Swimming pool pump.


Performance Range

Max. Flow: 31m3/h
Max. Head: 120m

Application Limits
  • Maximum liquid temperature +40℃
  • pH level from 6.5-8.5
  • Maximum sand content is 0.1%. Passage of suspended solids up to 0.2mm
  • The power frequency is 50Hz. The nominal voltage is 220VAC for the single phase and 380VAC for three phases with the range from -10% to 10%.
  • Immersion depth from 0.5m-5m