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We are a Swimming pool builders company in Bangladesh.

We construct, renovate & Supply Accessories of all types of pools, Steam baths, Sauna, Jacuzzi, and water features. No problem whether it is in-ground, above-ground, infinity, or spa pool. We supply a wide range of top-quality pool & spa chemicals and equipment for our clients’ specifics needs. Our Professional expertise can manage your residential or commercial pool, from start to end. Believe us we can do our best. Our highly professional are expert in custom swimming pool build & design.

Our story

Swimming Pool Construction Company


QR Bangladesh Swimming Pool Store offers a wide range of support services for the design, construction, renovation, maintenance, and operation of swimming pools. We focus on project services, including one-stop solutions for swimming pool project planning and design, custom-year supply, drawing deepening, equipment supply, and installation technical services, etc. We are ready to serve you!


Qr swimming pool builders company

QR Bangladesh Swimming Pool Store is one of the well-known swimming pool builder companies in Bangladesh. We build and renovate the pool with the accessories of all types of pools, sauna, steam baths, jacuzzi, and water features. We have professional expertise that can manage from start to end of any residential or commercial pool. We are confident that we are one of the best builders. We have many former customers who still trust us. We have specialized experience in custom swimming pool construction and design.


Swimming Pool Equipment Supplier in Bangladesh

Not only a swimming pool construction company but also the most professional swimming pool equipment manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh, we provide quality and reasonable price products with the best features. We have all the swimming pool equipment such as a Swimming pool Filter, Heat pump, water heater, starting block, light, ladder, pool tiles, chlorine, Water Purifier, Iron removal, etc. You can get it very cheaply. We are one of the best suppliers of quality swimming pool equipment. Contact us to buy.


Swimming Pool Design

The type of interior and exterior design that clients usually expect from us, our professional experts provide all the special needs. If you dream of a beautiful pool then QR Bangladesh Swimming Pool Store is the only platform that can give you the gift of your dream pool.


Swimming Pool Servicing

After building the swimming pool of your dreams comes the matter of servicing it which makes you think. When we find out that your pool has started to leak, stop pumping or even stop heating the spa pool, our experts come up with special solutions for your pool problems. We have weekly pool maintenance services that benefit you. QR swimming pool construction company promises to keep your pool and spot clean and safe through special maintenance and servicing.

 As the best swimming pool construction company, QR will create for you the best types of swimming pools that you really like.


Which Would You Like to Build?

Among the few types of swimming pools, many people prefer ground swimming pools. Ground swimming pools are usually made of poured concrete or fiberglass composite which comes in shape according to the size. The pool deck around the ground pool is usually made of concrete that creates quite a hard installation of few pool alarms. With pool patrol, you don’t need any pool side installation if you have a pool alarm floating in the water. The swimming pool construction company will create the best ground swimming pool for you perfectly.


Above Ground Swimming Pool

Swimming pools can come in different sizes depending on the construction and location. Among the various types of Above Ground Swimming Pools are also on the list of many favorites. Ground pools tend to be rectangular with rounded edges. Vinyl liner or fiberglass composites are used here. These swimming pools are easy to install and usually pre-fabricated. The patrol pool alarm is very ideal for Above Ground Swimming Pools.


Skimmer Type Swimming Pool

Skimmers type swimming pools for inground pools are made by the side of the pool which looks a lot like tiny buckets.


Overflow Type Pool

Overflow swimming pools result in an interesting continuity. This allows the water form to blend in with the horizon rather than the visible, which is great to see. One of the most surprising swimming pool models is the overflow swimming pool model. This is an impeccable aesthetic match between water lines plus nature.


Infinity Swimming Pool

Infinity swimming pools are also known as zero edge, infinity edge pools, vanishing edge pools, or vanishing edge, negative edge, etc. Infinity pools can also be custom-made where highlighting is planned. This pool provides an illusion like a fountain of water. But the water is dripping but you can’t see or hear. As a swimming pool construction company, we build this infinity swimming pool with great care which enhances the beauty of your place.


Olympic Swimming Pool

One of the pools we build is the Olympic Swimming Pool. Olympic Athletic Race Plus Swimming requires this swimming pool where many swimmers participate. However, Olympians or their fans need an Olympic-sized swimming pool for their own needs.


Our Vision

Our goal is to become one of the leading swimming pool construction companies in Bangladesh. We have already achieved a lot of customer satisfaction because we truly give the highest priority to the customers. We are always committed to providing the highest level of service and the highest quality products with the best technology. If you are looking for a good swimming pool construction company in Bangladesh then we are the best option for you. QR Bangladesh Swimming Pool Store as a swimming pool builder company has already completed many prestigious projects in Bangladesh. As one of the best swimming pool builders in Dhaka, we have the best solutions for indoor and outdoor fountains.

 Indoor Fountain: Floor Stand Fountains, Waterfall Wall,  Tabletop Fountain, Custom Made Fountains, floor stand fountain, Prefabricated Fountains. LED items: Restaurant Room Divider,  Aquarium wall, Wine Cabinet, BAR Counter, Water Bubble Wall,  Aquarium Room Divider, Water Bubble Tubes,  Floor Standing Glass Waterfall.

 Outdoor Fountain: Garden, Endless, Swimming pool, Self-Contained, Architectural and waterfall,  Self-Contained, Dancing, Floating, Custom Made, musical water,  Splash, and Rain garden Fountains. If you are planning to build the swimming pool of your dreams then you need to find the best swimming pool constructors in Bangladesh. QR Bangladesh Swimming Pool Store is undoubtedly one of the best swimming pool builders in Bangladesh. As a good swimming pool construction company, it will make you the quality swimming pool of your choice.


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If you are planning to build the swimming pool of your dreams then you need to find the best swimming pool constructors in Bangladesh. QR Bangladesh Swimming Pool Store is undoubtedly one of the best swimming pool builders in Bangladesh. As a good swimming pool construction company, it will make you the quality swimming pool of your choice. You will also find swimming pool accessories in Dhaka at your fingertips. A swimming pool builders company usually also offers accessories. We are swimming pool builders in Dhaka which gives you all the arrangements including the construction of a swimming pool.

We are one of the swimming pool builders in Dhaka working for both residential or commercial needs. Among all top-rated swimming pool contractors in Bangladesh, we have gained our space. So aren’t we the best as a swimming pool construction company? If you think, feel free to make your deal today!

WE are Swimming pool builders company in Bangladesh have been in the pool business for over 6 years. We can save you money when it comes to your pool supplies and equipment. We buy in volume and pass the savings on to you. Whether you need a pool heater, pool filter pump or just a part start saving now. We ship from warehouses across the Bangladesh so you usually receive your item in 3-5 working days.

QR Swimming Pool builders company can be reached 24 hours a day by e-mail at [email protected] this is the fastest way to contact us. You can also call us +8801743 750555 or
+8801743 750560 +8801857 8888 97 and we will respond promptly.

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